n A crazy person with unworkable ideas. Thor Pearson has some crackpot idea about making powdered water. 1910s

Historical dictionary of American slang . 2014.

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  • Crackpot — ist ein abschätzig gemeinter englischer Slangausdruck für eine Person mit exzentrischen Ansichten (ursprünglich allgemein: „Exzentriker“, „Spinner“, „Verrückter“).[1] In seiner eingeschränkten Bedeutung als „eine Person, die Theorien vertritt,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Crackpot — may refer to: Crackpot, North Yorkshire, a village in the United Kingdom Crackpot Hall, a landmark ruin near Keld, North Yorkshire Crackpot Cave, a cave located at Scurvey Scar, in Swaledale, North Yorkshire. Crank (person), a pejorative term a… …   Wikipedia

  • crackpot — n. a whimsically eccentric person. Syn: crank, nut, nutcase, screwball. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • crackpot — mentally unbalanced person, 1883, probably from CRACK (Cf. crack) + POT (Cf. pot) in a slang sense of head. Cf. crack brain crazy fellow (late 16c.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • crackpot — informal ► NOUN ▪ an eccentric or foolish person. ► ADJECTIVE ▪ eccentric; impractical …   English terms dictionary

  • crackpot — [krak′pät΄] n. Informal a mentally unbalanced or eccentric person adj. Informal crazy or eccentric …   English World dictionary

  • crackpot — [[t]kræ̱kpɒt[/t]] crackpots ADJ: ADJ n (disapproval) If you describe someone or their ideas as crackpot, you disapprove of them because you think that their ideas are strange and crazy. [INFORMAL] ...a crackpot millionaire. ...crackpot schemes.… …   English dictionary

  • crackpot — n. (colloq.) a crackpot to + inf. (he was a crackpot to do it) * * * [ krækpɒt] (colloq.) a crackpot to + inf. (he was a crackpot to doit) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • crackpot — UK [ˈkrækˌpɒt] / US [ˈkrækˌpɑt] adjective informal slightly crazy crackpot ideas Derived word: crackpot UK / US noun countable Word forms crackpot : singular crackpot plural crackpots …   English dictionary

  • crackpot — 1. n. a fake; a person with strange or crazy plans. □ Some crackpot called to tell us that the sky is falling in. □ I’m no crackpot! I saw some of the sky floating in the lake. If it had fallen on land, someone might have been killed. 2. mod.… …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • crackpot — {n.}, {attrib. adj.}, {informal} 1. {n.} An eccentric person with ideas that don t make sense to most other people. * /Don t believe what Uncle Noam tells you he is a crackpot./ 2. {attrib. adj.} * /That s a crackpot idea./ …   Dictionary of American idioms

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